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Montgomery Trucking Co. L.L.C. and MTI Logistics L.L.C. combined string hundreds of miles of large diameter pipeline projects per year for various pipeline companies and or contractors.  The majority of the contracts let to us are as a sub contractor through pipeline contractors; however several projects each year are awarded from Oil & Gas companies directly to us.  Additional services include unloading and stockpiling for pipeline companies and steel mills at remote storage areas before the pipeline construction begins.  The companies also perform hauling and stringing for most of the pipe suppliers nationally as well as logistics services and ship discharge.  

Our Mission is to constantly strive to raise the safety standards for this specialized segment of the trucking industry.   We will give the service that the Pipeline Companies, their Pipeline Contractors and Pipe Distributors require in the safest manner while always paying strict attention to the laws that we operate under. 

Our Motto is - Safety First - Service Always.  


Awarded stringing on the
Tallgrass Energy "Pony
Express" Pipeline.

Awarded stringing on the

Enterprise Products "Front
Range" Pipeline.

Awarded stringing on the

DCP Midstream "Mesquite
Connector" Pipeline.

Awarded stringing on the

Enterprise Products "Seaway"

Awarded stringing on the

Plains Marketing "Western
Oklahoma" Pipeline.



Unloading & Stockpiling

Pipeline Stringing

Ship Discharge